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Eric Nielsen

Eric Nielsen


Eric Nielsen came by horsemanship and horseshoeing naturally. His craft was handed down from grandfather, to father, to son. His first job at six years old was catching and holding horses for his dad. He trimmed his first pony at age 10. His ability to communicate with the horse was present from the start. The horses were quiet and responsive under his hands, which secured him a nonstop job of fitting and preparing horses for sale in his family business. By the time he was a young teen, he was trimming, shoeing, training, and riding horses through the sale barn that his father auctioneered.

Nielsen's recreation was roping. He quickly learned the importance of a sound horse from the feet up. This led to many hours of clinical study and countless hours of horseshoeing. He began to compete in blacksmithing and horseshoeing competitions. He won the “Desert Classic" competition twice. Nielsen continued to learn many disciplines and breed specialties, including gaited horses, draft, jumpers, rope horses, reiners, cow horses and others. His mode of communication with the horse has always been his biggest asset. If you ask him, he will tell you, “They talk to Me! You just have to listen and be aware of their actions and reactions. They have many voices: their walk, trot, canter, and turns tell many stories.”


Nielsen credits Dr. Ron Lenhert of Apple Valley California for hours of consultation and work which sent him to search out Dr. Gary Whiting's school of Equine Massage. He received his certification for massage and body work, which opened and continues to open new lines of communication and understanding with the horse.

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