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Gabrielle Grace

Gabrielle Grace

Certified Practitioner

The Trust Technique®

Gabrielle Grace is one of five active Trust Technique® practitioners in the United States and was in the first cohort of trained professionals six years ago. The Trust Technique® is a mindful practice that is shared between the person and their animals. It is based on the theory that deepening the bond between people and animals can transform the lives of both. It uses mindfulness and focused presence techniques as a basis for resolving problems and enhancing communication.


Grace reviewed many different courses before landing with the Trust Technique®. She found it to be the answer to the missing piece she was looking for.


Since Grace was six years old, she knew she wanted to be of service and work with animals. “I truly feel I am filling my purpose, sharing the Trust Technique® as I witness people who love their animals, self-discover how they can release fear-based motivation with trusted cooperation and confidence. They're breaking the cycles of fear behavior, and experiencing deeper understanding and enjoyment with their beloved pets,” she says.


Grace’s background includes pet sitting for many years, animal communication, and being a Reiki master.

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