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Janet L. Jones, PhD.

Janet L. Jones, PhD.

Keynote Speaker

Janet Jones applies brain science to the training of horses and riders. She earned her Ph.D. from UCLA and taught the neuroscience of perception, language, memory, and thought for 23 years.

Jones trained horses at a large stable early in her career, and later ran a successful horse training business of her own. She has schooled hundreds of green or difficult horses, rides many breeds and disciplines, and has competed in hunter, jumper, halter, western pleasure, and reining.

Her 2020 book Horse Brain, Human Brain is being translated into eight languages and is available in print, electronic, and audiobook form. It won Japan’s Equine Culture Award in 2021, the only time an American book was given that prize since Laura Hillenbrand won for Seabiscuit.

Photo: Allison Ragsdale

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