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Joanna L. Robson, DVM

Joanna L. Robson, DVM


Joanna Robson, DVM, is a 2002 Washington State University Honors Veterinary Medicine Graduate with dual B.S. with Honors in Animal Sciences and Veterinary Sciences. Dr. Robson owns Inspiritus Equine, Inc. and is dedicated to providing client education and an integrative medicine approach, including chiropractic, acupuncture, saddle-fitting, and bodywork/applied kinesiology.


She is also certified as an Emotional-CPR Trainer, Veterinary-Human Support specialist, and Mindfulness Teacher, emphasizing embodied and empathic listening skills for human-animal well-being. Dr. Robson has lectured worldwide as an equine health clinician at events such as Equitana Asia-Pacific, Equine Affair, Rolex KY, and the World Equestrian Games.


In addition to authoring her book "Recognizing the Horse in Pain" and co-authoring in the 2023 Elsevier text "Incorporating Horses Into Healing" she has written for numerous publications including Equine Wellness Magazine, Holistic Horse, and the Journal of TCVM.


She is a lifelong equestrian and is a Level One and Level Two State, Regional, and National Western Dressage Champion with her beloved Quarter Horse Nevan.

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