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Todd Behre, DVM

Todd Behre, DVM


Dr. Behre has been surrounded by horses for over 60 years, as a child in a horse family, to shoeing horses as a teenager, to over 36 years of equine veterinary practice.  For the last 22 years, Dr. Behre’s practice has been limited to equine dentistry, currently in Nevada, Texas, and New York.


To provide patients with the most effective and stress-free dentistry experience, Dr. Behre’s goal is to treat every patient as if it is the last horse he ever gets to lay hands on.  Because the very first meal after a dental procedure should be each horse’s best, minimizing trauma and anxiety for each patient is critical. Regardless of horses' history, environment, and dental conditions, be they backyard pets or world-class FEI competitors, all six of each horse’s senses must be considered and accommodated.

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